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Born in the Netherlands. Since his youngest age drawing has been part of his life. After receiving his bachelor of science degree and the desire to draw, the choice was difficult between the fine arts on one side and the architecture on the other. It was architecture that prevailed until 2003. That year he left his architectural work to settle in the south of France. This is where the artistic dimension has returned in strength. Provencal colors and light were an irresistible invitation to painting.

Influenced by architecture, an important place is taken in by the perspective in his work. Sometimes, the subject is shown from an unusual and surprising angle or in the form of a trompe-l'il. Very good observer, he goes into the detail to produce often very realistic images. At other times, by the absence of detail, he invites the public to discover what is behind the images. In the choice of colors one finds its Dutch roots (Vermeer, van Gogh).

Jos is looking for more freedom in the gesture, as evidenced by his recent series "imaginary landscapes". For him the work is a reflection of the freedom of expression reached by the artist. Not only by the movement of the brush, but also by the choice of colors and the composition of the painting.
In addition, sculpture is an integral part of this research.

Today Jos also practices digital art. A new way of creating art, in which the limit of creation is the imagination of the artist and his technical skills.

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silver medal 2010  «M.C.A. Cannes - Azur»
bronze medal 2009  «Arts Sciences Lettres - Paris»
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